Meet Jasmine

Full-time grad student by day, photographer by night and weekends.

Photography is something that I have always been interested in while in grade school, but never pursued until I graduated high school. Working at a portrait studio was my first job and I fell in love. I fell in love with not only the art I was creating but the smiles as well as tears of the clients. I worked at the portrait studio for more than a year and I learned that I wanted to do different things with my skills. Establishing J. Nichole Photography LLC was one of my biggest accomplishments. I knew that I could do so much such as lifestyle, outdoor portraits and more; things I could not capture in a small studio space. I have photographed many clients as well as events, and very excited to shoot more for years to come.

When I am not photographing, I am attending graduate school obtaining my Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Technology Management. When I am not doing assignments, I am working as a government contractor. Not all photographers work full time but I am thankful that my weekends can be filled with capturing stories and memories. So, what's your story?

"Photography is the story I fail to put into words"

—Destin Sparks